EUDEC is hiring a Coordinator.

We are looking for a responsible person who is capable of coordinating the diverse areas of our organisation, establishing a central overview about the different processes, keeping up with the many details we need to take care of, but often get lost or go very slowly if nobody takes care of it on a professional level.

So we are looking for a person who identifies with the values of our democratic movement and is able to work self-responsible, managing our complex network in an autonomous way, but keeping good communication with the different organs of the organisation when it comes to taking decisions.

Tasks of this position will be:

  • Maintaining an overview about memberships.
  • Maintaining high communication quality between members, especially between active members, council, circles, oversight committee and auditors. For this point, the coordinator is responsible for the organisation of “coordination assemblies”.
  • Maintaining overview about the financial situation, managing financial operations and coordinating between involved parts (bookkeeper, financial circle, council, auditors, etc.)
  • Dealing with incoming mailing (directly answer, or if not possible, forward it to the right person, and control that things come to a conclusion).
  • Organise different meetings and write the agendas.
  • Make a yearly calendar and memories.
  • Networking in general and keeping up with our communication platform “Basecamp”, our homepage and social media, or coordinating this area with the involved circles.
  • Organise Conferences with the involved circles.
  • The Paid coordinator is designated by the Council, and the council (composed by people involved in all the different circles!) is responsible for controlling the work of the coordinator.

The coordinator has no decision power.

The coordinator has to keep the council informed about all processes in a fluid and trustful communication to be effective and operative, but consulting and getting approval from the different circles before developing relevant moves.

We offer 15€/hour for 6 hours/week.

Please send your application with a motivation letter and your CV until Sunday 4.07.2021 to council (at)

Thank you very much!

The EUDEC Council
Dorianne, Stella, Guilain, Yaroslav, Mariia, Wiebke and Gabriel


The position is called “Paid coordinator” in this schema: