De Kampanje – information for student or staff exchanges

Adress of school:
Visiting address: Barchman Wuytierslaan 43, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
mailing address: Oranjelaan 10, 3818 GR Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Number of students and staff; age range: 27 students 4- 19 years, 3 staff/ day, 7 staff in total

Describe the location/surroundings: Amersfoort, 7 hectares of wood, close to city center and station

Description of school’s concept: School is working according to the Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Who decides whether or not a student can come for exchange: Schoolmeeting will make the decision. If you consider a visit, please send an email to , motivating why you want to visit the school, the general understanding of the Sudbury model and the expected timing and period of the stay. This will then be put into a motion for decision in the schoolmeeting.

Contact person: Administration cleck: Christel Hartkamp –, phone: + 31.33.4621842
How many students could you host:
For what duration:Usually 1 student in a time is welcome to visit, but exceptions can be made on basis of the request. For a visit of only one week, a student is considered guest. For a longer time span, schoolmeeting have to decide on the visit. A student is then considered ‘exchange student’ and gets all privileges similar to a school meeting member, except voting rights.

What age-range would you welcome: All if they are self reliant

Do you have host-families: In principle yes, but that all depends on the availability and the willingness to host a foreign student at home. Houses in the Netherlands are not that big, it might sometimes be complicated for families to host a student for a long period of time.

What is the main/only language spoken at your school; what other languages are spoken: Dutch, English, (a few people also German)

Would the exchange student have to pay tuition; could tuition be exchanged for a free exchange opportunity for students of your school at the school of your guest?: Exchange is free of tution if return visits can be made. We like to have an exchange agreement with the original school of the exchange student.

Are there any expenses for staying in the host family: Depends on host family, but this will be cost to cover for food and lodging.

Can you provide basic info on daily expenses (food, transportation) in your city: Average for western europe, maybe slightly cheaper.

Have you had previous experiences with student exchanges or hosting a student? what where positive/negative?: All we had were very positive experiences sofar. Although we understand that it all depends on the person who is visiting and that no guarantees can be given that things will work out great. The school therefore has rules to be able to immediately send back a student who is misbehaving and misuses the situation of the exchange. The responsibility is with the student.

Do you have experience with raising funds for travel expenses?:
-No, that’s up to the staff /student themselves
-yes as part of the Comenius projekt we had a fund to cover for travel expenses. Today we do not have that anymore.

Can you put down a holiday schedule for your school? Are there times when you wouldn’t welcome students: See our website: Holidays at De Kampanje

Are you also interested in staff exchange? What are your ideas for such an exchange?: Potentially yes. We have experienced that for staff a visit of 1 or 2 weeks can be of high value. Longer is not always better, usually you get a lot of information in those week(s) and that can even be overwhelming.