Sands School – information for student or staff exchanges

Adress of school:
Sands school

Number of students and staff; age range:
65 students aged 10-17; 10 staff 29-64

Describe the location/surroundings:
Ashburton – small, rural town on edge of Natioanl Park

Description of school’s concept:
organized timetable; students that elect to follow a course are expected to attend most lessons;
all decisions made by weekly school meeting

Who decides wheter or not a student can come for exchange:

Contact person:
at the moment there is no-one to coordinate this; we will probably not be welcoming visiting groups this year as we will be busy hosting IDEC@EUDEC next summer

How many students could you host:
For what duration:
What age-range would you welcome:
Do you have host-families:

What is the main/only language spoken at your school; what other languages are spoken:

Would the exchange student have to pay tuition; could tuition be exchanged for a free exchange opportunity for students of your school at the school of your guest?:

Are there any expenses for staying in the host family:
lunch provided at 3 pounds per day per person at school. If hosted about 5 pounds per day to host family.

Can you provide basic info on daily expenses (food, transportation) in your city:

Have you had previous experiences with student exchanges or hosting a student? what was positive/negative?:
lovely to have visitors in our school but a nightmare to organise, because our students/families are very unhelpful when it comes to offering accomodation and we cannot offer accomodation in school as it is used by outside groups

do you have experience with raising funds for travel expenses?:

can you put down a holiday schedule for your school? are there times when you wouldn’t welcome students:

are you also interested in staff exchange? what are your ideas for such an exchange?: