There are many differents types of exchanges:

  • it could be reciprocal (1 school visit another school, then the other way round) or “one-way”,
  • it could involve groups of people or only one individual,
  • it could involve only teachers, only students or both at the same time

If you are interested to begin an exchange, please contact the school directly…

Please share your experiences, we’ll publish them here:

We are Pina, Celia, Arianna and Paola.
We are students from the democratic school Kapriole in Freiburg.
In November we visited the „Freie Schule Leipzig“ for one week.
The idea came to us because we were interested in other democratic schools. We knew already
some of the students in Leipzig and therefore we thought it would be really great to get to know the school. We organized the journey and asked them if we could come for one week and if they could organize sleeping possibilities for us. It was pretty cool that it worked so spontaneously.
Thanks to Leipzig!
It was a great time and we can recommend doing something like this to everyone.
We earned a lot of experience and got new ideas for our school. It was nice to see how democratic education works in another school and how they live it.
We hope we motivated you to do something like this.
You are always welcome at our school, the Kapriole in Freiburg.