EUDEC is launching its new membership management system. Some of the past members didn’t get the time to renew their membership. The number of members will still increase until the end of 2023 and during the year of 2024. If you have questions about some schools missing here, please contact

EUDEC estimates that there are more than 100 democratic schools in Europe and hundreds more that are striving to maximise student voice and self-directed learning, on their way to being democratic schools. The oldest and most famous of these is Summerhill School, which opened in 1921. New schools are being founded every year.

Schools join EUDEC to connect with other schools and promote democratic education in Europe. The community gives students, teachers and families many opportunities to meet and share experiences: such as annual meetings, conferences, the student and teacher exchange programme and school partnerships. For more information about the schools, see their information chart on their page below.

This page also lists groups and organisations that have joined EUDEC as a start-up group. They are planning to found new democratic schools. The Council has created a useful Start Up Pack for member start-up groups.

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This page also lists “Other Schools and Projects of Interest”. We hope this list will continue to grow as we hear about more schools and projects in Europe and worldwide that put principles of democratic education into practice in unique and wonderful ways. If you know of a school or a project that should be added to this list, please contact us at info (at)

The following organisations have decided to join EUDEC in working to promote democratic education in Europe.