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Council By-Election

There is one empty seat on council to be filled at this time. (All positions will be open for regular election during the 2019 IDEC@EUDEC Conference.) Please nominate yourself here, and answer any questions coming your way. Please use this opportunity to ask the candidates questions.

Please include your name.

Simply log in (any problems: e-mail info at eudec.org) and click on the "edit"-icon. Don't change any existing text, and just add your question or answer. Thank you.

You have until 20 February to nominate yourself, and until 27 February to ask and answer questions.
Please do not edit anything after Wednesday, 27 February.

The election will start on 28 February. You will receive an e-mail with the voting details. You have until March 10 to cast your vote.


Who we are

We’re a non-profit organisation that works across Europe to promote the concept of democratic education.

What we do

We facilitate networking between people and initiatives who are engaged in developing better concepts for education. Our aim is to give children the right to make their own choices regarding their learning and all other areas of everyday life. We think that students should have an equal share in the decision making as to how their schools are run, and which rules and sanctions, if any, are necessary.

Support us

...to promote freedom and democracy in education!


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