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Supporting Democratic Education in Europe


EUDEC is a non-profit organisation that promotes democratic education as a sensible educational model for all democratic states. Its members are individuals, schools and institutions throughout Europe with decades of experience in democratic education.

One of the things that makes this organisation so unique is the active role played by school students at all levels: e.g. as individual members, on the EUDEC Council, in conference-planning, in the organisation of programmes etc. Read more

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EUDEC Council

The Council coordinates the actions of all the members in EUDEC.
Council members don’t have any more decision power than other members.

EUDEC Conferences

The EUDEC conference is the highlight of the EUDEC calendar and a great opportunity to meet people who are active in the field of democratic education. It's a place to meet friends, discuss ideas, work on projects, play and have fun together.

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If you want to publish something on the EUDEC website, please contact us (see below).

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