Every year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Assembly of Members makes strategic decisions on the course of action for EUDEC and elects officers for certain areas of responsibilities, including a biennial election of the Council. Council manages the organisation’s business and representative tasks and coordinates the projects and workgroups.

Council meets on a regular basis. There are live meetings every year and frequent meetings via Skype. Every EUDEC member may join those meetings. The agendas, minutes, and other relevant information concerning the council meetings can be found in the Council workspace.

The last full Council elections took place at the AGM 2019 in Ukraine.

The current members of the EUDEC Council are:

Dorianne De Groot, Chair

The Netherlands
ddegroot (at) eudec.org

Stella Serger, Vice Chair

sserger (at) eudec.org

Guilain Omont

gomont (at) eudec.org

Mariia Oshovska

moshovska (at) eudec.org

Yaroslav Devdera

ydevdera (at) eudec.org

Wiebke Winkelmann

wwinkelmann (at) eudec.org

Gabriel Groiss

ggroiss (at) eudec.org