With the New structure Pilot 2021-2022, the role of the council is now the coordination of all activities within EUDEC. Council is elected during a General Meeting (GM). The last full Council elections took place at the GM 2019 in Ukraine. The next one will takes place online at the end of June 2021.

Council meets on a regular basis, their meetings are called “coordination meetings”. They are open to every members. Their goal is talking about what’s going in the association, making sure the people of a circle know what the other circles are doing, and trying to help the members if they have any tension about any subject. It’s not a place for decisions: strategic decisions are taken during General Meeting (GM), non-strategic decisions are taken in circles.

The current members of the EUDEC Council are:

Dorianne De Groot, Chair

The Netherlands
ddegroot (at) eudec.org

Stella Serger, Vice Chair

sserger (at) eudec.org

Guilain Omont

gomont (at) eudec.org

Mariia Oshovska

moshovska (at) eudec.org

Yaroslav Devdera

Ukraine, Treasurer
ydevdera (at) eudec.org

Wiebke Winkelmann

wwinkelmann (at) eudec.org

Gabriel Groiss

ggroiss (at) eudec.org