TING-Schule – information for student or staff exchanges

Adress of school:
TING-Schule, Berlinerstr. 100 13189 Berlin
Website: http://www.ting-schule.de/index.htm

Number of students and staff; age range:
Students: 40; staff: 6; 4-19

Describe the location/surroundings:
Berlin: capital of Germany, 3,5 million people

Description of school’s concept:
Sudbury school: no obligatory classes, classes have to be initiated by students. open 8- 18, attendance requirement: 10 a.m. At school, 5 hours/ day. All decisions made in schoolmeeting, students& staff have equal vote. judicial committee

Who decides whether or not a student can come for exchange:
school meeting and/or visitors committee

Contact person:
Maria Schiffner maria.schiffner@ting-schule.de

How many students could you host:

For what duration:
Anything possible

What age-range would you welcome:
From 4 – 19, if self_organised

Do you have host-families:

What is the main/only language spoken at your school; what other languages are spoken:
German. Most staff speak English. Some people speak Japanese, French, Polish, Spanish

Would the exchange student have to pay tuition; could tuition be exchanged for a free exchange opportunity for students of your school at the school of your guest?:
No, but we would expect the sending schools to accept students from our school without tuition.too.

Are there any expenses for staying in the host family:
Depends on host family, free lunch at school

Can you provide basic info on daily expenses (food, transportation) in your city:
Monthly public transport ticket 26 €

Have you had previous experiences with student exchanges or hosting a student? what was positive/negative?:
Yes, we had students from Israel, Denmark, the Netherlands, USA
it was great!

Do you have experience with raising funds for travel expenses?:

Can you put down a holiday schedule for your school? are there times when you wouldn’t welcome students:
Are you also interested in staff exchange? what are your ideas for such an exchange?:
yes, very much.