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School Address:
Fazantstraat 2
6665 AX Driel
The Netherlands

Postal address:
p/a Lindelaan 23
6871 DW Renkum
The Netherlands
Tel.: 0031-(0)26-7370308
Contact: Maaike van Mourik
Email: maaike(at)

Number of students: 199
Age range of students: 4-14

School Info Chart – Basisschool De Vallei

Our school is a democratic primary school. Meaning that it is a mini society where the children have a voice in how the education is given form. This causes the development of independence, autonomy and responsibility. Teachers support the development of each child and focus on their talents. Besides the basic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic, we also teach children to make decisions as a group, to make choices, teach them meeting skills, conflict management and budget control. In practice, we offer children a lively place filled with development opportunities in various fields.

Noteworthy: our school was founded in 2005 and is funded by the government. After extensive research at our school, the national education inspectorate has found that the school offers sufficient quality in almost every area. This is a fantastic result, especially for a school that works with an innovative concept.