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Am Sportplatz 33
26197 Huntlosen

Tel.: +49 (0) 176-66848178


School Info Chart – Freie Humanistische Schule

The Freie Humanistische Schule is a small, independently run primary and secondary school near Oldenburg (Niedersachsen, Germany). It is a state-approved alternative school (“genehmigte Ersatzschule”) with a special educational concept.
Integrating ideas from Maria Montessori, Rebecca and Mauricio Wild and humanism, the concept of the Freie Humanistische Schule is based on the fundamental assumption that children have the basic need to be constantly expanding their skills, abilities and knowledge, and that they therefore have a natural desire to learn. The starting point for any learning process is the child’s current interests and not a subject predefined by the teacher. Therefore, the mission of the school is to help keep children’s curiosity alive and inspire them to question, discover and try new things.
Accordingly, it is important to the school that students play an active role in managing their own school day, meaning that they take responsibility for their learning and for everyday life in the school community.
The Freie Humanistische Schule would like to remain a small school. Therefore, its maximum size is 70 students.
In January 2013, there are 30 children enrolled in classes 1 to 8.