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EUDEC’s Aims

  • To support all forms of democratic education throughout Europe
  • To promote democratic education as a sensible educational model for all democratic states
  • To establish, in legislation, the right to found and attend democratic schools and to provide aid and support to democratic schools and start-up groups
  • To facilitate exchange of information between democratic schools in Europe and create connections between schools for cooperation and mutual learning
  • To provide information and outreach programs for colleges and training institutes to give future teachers a practical understanding of the basics of democratic education and what it can mean for teachers, pupils, educational environments, and democratic states

EUDEC’s Mission

  • The European Democratic Education Community (EUDEC) seeks to promote and support democratic education across Europe. It is working to become the foremost advisory organisation and connective network for European schools and organisations practicing and seeking to develop and promote democracy in education. It will provide support to schools and start-up initiatives, education professionals, parents, pupils and students, and facilitate networking between them.

Here you can read how EUDEC defines Democratic Education.