One of the most important aims of EUDEC is to facilitate exchange between schools. Exchange of experience and ideas is simply invaluable! In EUDEC’s history it has always been the exchange between people from different schools, the sharing and discussion of ideas, which has brought everybody the most benefit and helped us to develop great projects together.

Most (if not all) of our member schools are happy to have visitors – so if you want to have a look at one of those democratic schools, go ahead and contact them and ask. Be prepared that you might have to wait a little bit until you get a date (some kids at the Kapriole for example once said “We are not a zoo!”, so we have to spread the visits a little bit) but we will try our best to make a visit possible for you.

Exchange programme

These EUDEC Member Schools listed here have even provided basic information for possible indivudal student or staff exchanges. If your school is not on the list, please consider adding information, following the existing examples. Please use the template provided on: School Exchange Info Template?

If you are interested in offering or looking for a specific exchange opportunity you can write an advert detailing what you are after in the sub-forum for exchanges: Exchange forum  Obviously, you can also check other people’s adverts and they can check yours by looking at this page. There is no advert written by now but it would be great to have you start this forum.

If you have been on an exchange it would be great if you could write your experiences up here (there is already an example at the bottom of this page) or on the exchange questionnaire page of that particular school you visited.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Aaron: or Sören

Schools are sorted by country, and countries are sorted alphabetically.

Det Frie Gymnasium
Location: Copenhagen

Drachenschule Odenwald
Location: Wald-Michelbach, Hessen
Freie aktive Schule auf den Fildern
Location: Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Baden-Württemberg
Freie Schule Leipzig
Location: Leipzig, Saxony
Location: Freiburg, Baden-Wurttemberg
Neue Schule Hamburg
Location: Hamburg
Location: Berlin
Freie Schule Heckenbeck
Location: Heckenbeck

(School startup group)
Location: Umbria

De Kampanje
Location: Amersfoort
De Koers
Location: Beverwijk

Ojo de agua
Location: Orba


United Kingdom
Sands School
Location: Ashburton, Devon

United States
The Highland School
Location: Ellenboro, West Virginia

Exchange experiences

A one-week-visit to the Freie Schule Leipzig

We are Pina, Celia, Arianna and Paola.
We are students from the democratic school Kapriole in Freiburg.
In November we visited the „Freie Schule Leipzig“ for one week.
The idea came to us because we were interested in other democratic schools. We knew already
some of the students in Leipzig and therefore we thought it would be really great to get to know the school. We organized the journey and asked them if we could come for one week and if they could organize sleeping possibilities for us. It was pretty cool that it worked so spontaneously.
Thanks to Leipzig!
It was a great time and we can recommend doing something like this to everyone.
We earned a lot of experience and got new ideas for our school. It was nice to see how democratic education works in another school and how they live it.
We hope we motivated you to do something like this.
You are always welcome at our school, the Kapriole in Freiburg.