Freie aktive Schule auf den Fildern – information for student or staff exchanges

Adress of school: Schönbuchstr. 4, D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Number of students and staff; age range:

students: 36 aged 6-15; staff 5 pedagogical

Describe the location/surroundings:

Leinfelden is close to Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg in south of Germany. Good public transport to Stuttgart and other villages arround.

Description of school’s concept:

attendance compulsory 9.00-12.00 (school is open from 8.00 – 13.00)
‘offers’ not ‘lessons’ – all voluntary
weekly school meetings;
the only compulsory thing is the morning circle and the cleaning every day;
all school rules decided in school meeting, also represented in employment process and budget

Who decides wheter or not a student can come for exchange:

The weekly school meeting

Contact person:

Inge Kirchdörfer (

How many students could you host:

Maximum 3 students at the same time

For what duration:

open to everything but need to discuss each case & consider financial factors

What age-range would you welcome:

From the age of 10 – 16

Do you have host-families:


What is the main/only language spoken at your school; what other languages are spoken:

German native speakers; Students learn English; one English native speaker in staff

Would the exchange student have to pay tuition; could tuition be exchanged for a free exchange opportunity for students of your school at the school of your guest?:

has to be discussed

Are you also interested in staff exchange? what are your ideas for such an exchange?:

definitely yes!