Mukti? – information for student or staff exchanges

Adress of school
Mukti is the name; at the moment it is a startup-group of 5 families

Number of students and staff; age range

Describe the location/surroundings
Perugia is the main town, but it is still not sure where we will set the school; for sure in Umbria

Description of school’s concept
The idea is to be a Summerhill inspired school. But I think at the beginning the school will be a soft form of democratic school.

Who decides wheter or not a student can come for exchange

Contact person
Irene Stella,,

How many students could you host
since the school doesn’t exist yet, I can not offer any exchange yet

What is the main/only language spoken at your school; what other languages are spoken:
Italian, German, English

Would the exchange student have to pay tuition; could tuition be exchanged for a free exchange opportunity for students of your school at the school of your guest?

Are you also interested in staff exchange? What are your ideas for such an exchange?
yes, to learn how other schools are run