Responsibles are a cruicial part of EUDEC organization. The responsibles structure is defined in the EUDEC Guidance Document followingly:

Article 3:70 Responsibles

The purpose of introducing “Responsibles” into the EUDEC structure is to clarify and emphasise the opportunities that members already have to contribute and develop their own interests and passions for the good of the organisation and democratic education in general. The central task of Council is to ensure that the essential core functions of EUDEC are sustained, if necessary but not necessarily from within Council itself. Council will also coordinate and facilitate the work of the Responsibles while ensuring that it does not run counter to the aims of EUDEC.

Council maintains a list of the Responsibles and their areas of responsibility in a single document.

Additionally, workgroup or regional groups have to have a Responsible. Responsibles can form workgroups or regional groups.

Responsibles make an annual report to the AGM.

Topic Responsibles

Design workgroup

Responsible: Alexander Müller, Germany
Email: design (at)

Website and Infrastructure workgroup

Responsible: Alexander Müller, Germany
Email: infrastructure (at)


Responsible: Marko Koskinen, Finland
Email: website (at)

Children Parliament

Responsible: Joseph Rathinam, India
Email: childrenparliament (at)

Country or Area Responsibles


Responsible: Dorothe Weber, Anna Meyer
Email: germany (at)

Bayern (Bavaria-Germany)
Responsible: Lena Brühwiler, Leo Selinger
Email: bayern (at)


Responsible: Nina Catherine Ulberg Lunde
Email: norway (at)


Responsible: Guilain Omont
Email: france (at)


Email: info (at)


Responsible: Sally Hall
Email: uk (at)


Responsible: Charlie Moreno-Romero
Email: estonia (at)


Responsible: Magi Blagoeva
Email: bulgaria (at)