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Insingerstraat 39
3766 MA, Soest
The Netherlands

Age range of students: 4-18
Year founded: 2003

School Info Chart

Our school is based on three principles: equality, responsibility and freedom (deliberate choices). The School Circle is the heart of the school, where students and staff on a weekly basis have meetings and make decisions by consensus.

Our school works with circles of people in a sociocratic method. We make our decisions by consensus (sociocratic), which means that if, after sharing a few points and sharing all opinions, no one has a principle objection to the proposal, it is passed. If someone has an objection they give a new proposal after which the same question is asked again. Most of the time the original proposal becomes more rich before it is passed, and sometimes those who brought in the proposal must do some extra work on it and bring it into the school circle again.

In terms of learning – and other – activities, the students decide for themselves how and with whom they spend their time and pursue their interests. About 85% of the time, students work independently or with their peers. About 15% of the time they meet teachers for lessons.

Conflicts are solved in the moment they arise; if this is not possible, anyone can bring the situation to the “BMK”. In this circle everyone is heard, and the basis for the BMK is that everyone (also the “victim”) accepts that little part for which they were responsible and reflects what they can do to act in a different way the next time.