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Hauptstr. 4
23847 Steinhorst
(between Hamburg and Lübeck)

Phone: +49 (0) 0176 – 38591248


School Info Chart – INFINITA


INFINITA is a democratic school in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg. The school opened in August 2013.

At INFINITA students are able to prepare for the German “Mittlere Reife” and earn this qualification through a “Schulfremdenprüfung” (test given by a cooperating school). With this qualification students can continue their studies at a “gymnasiale Oberstufe” (final two years of secondary schooling).

At INFINITA the focus is on the interest of the students. Children and young people should never lose their love of learning. Students should not experience learning as a punishment or duty, but rather as an opportunity. Therefore, there will be no marks and no tests at INFINITA. Children and young people are given the responsibility for their own learning. Mutual respect is the basis for relationships between students and adults. Rules will be made in democratic school meetings involving the entire school community. INFINITA will eventually have students from six to sixteen years of age.