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Bildung inklusive is a non-profit assembly which exists since 2011. It aims at an advancement of the education system in Saxony-Anhalt by encouraging discussions about education and enforcing alternative educational concepts and programs. The assembly’s educational formation is based on three guiding themes: inclusion, democracy, and sustainability. Those items are fundamental for the actions and aspired ambitions of this assembly.

In order to enrich the different varieties of the educational system of Saxony-Anhalt we work on various levels: on the one hand we inform interested parties about education themes (especially parents) and try to get educational offers and possibilities which are an alternative to public offers. In association to that we establish pedagogical proposals for children and teenagers. On the other hand we become connected with other interested parties on open soirees, give lectures at conferences, and other public events.
What We Do – And What We Want To Do

Next to the education program, which is the assembly’s core function, Bildung inklusive has set the following ambitions: to create learning centres in order to implement our comprehension on learning and education in a practical way. We also try to integrate our ideas into institutional contexts. As we wish to provide offers for different age groups we plan a foundation of an early childhood educational establishment as well as a school (elementary school at first).

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Do you want to participate or exchange?

We hold our meeting “Living Together with Pluralism” every 2nd Monday of the month at the Goldene Rose. It begins at 20:15 pm.

You can also contact us at: kontakt (at)