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Contact: Jörg Müller
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Planned opening: September 2014 in Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany

We would like to found a Sudbury school in the region Nürnberg/Fürth. The Freie demokratische Schule Franken will offer children learning fields and learning forms that support their natural desire to learn.
When allowed to follow their own interests, children learn easily and with great enthusiasm.
As a result, they learn to trust their own abilities and, even later in life, will feel more confidence in finding their own paths.

Freedom: students themselves decide what and how to learn. Support is always available from staff members (teachers).
Democracy: children and adults make decisions concerning life at school in democratic meetings where all individuals, regardless of age, have the same vote. They make the rules together and work together to enforce these rules.

Data and facts on the Freie demokratische Schule Franken:

will open initially as a primary school (secondary school planned for future)
core groups instead of the organisation of children into "years"
age-mixing at all levels
classes and other learning activities are open for students of all ages
preparation for any type of external qualifications
external examinations