A new and exciting organisation is holding its second Freedom to Learn conference in Prague in November. Its first conference in 2015 was attended by more than 300 people. The organisation is SvobodaUčení.cz. It is a Czech network linking a number of new ventures in the Republic. Michael Kandler and a colleague were at the Summerhill Freedom to Learn event this April and made a strong impression on the participants – including some who were interviewed – they managed to ‘nobble’ Derry!

Info from Michal Kandler:
Here is a short video interview with Derry Hannam and my colleague Zdeňka we took in Summerhill during the Freedom to Learn Forum.
We organized out first (and still) last international Free-learning Education Conference in November 2015 in Prague (Czech Republic) with attendance of over 300 people
We organized a lecture by Peter Gray and workshops with the founders of free/democratic school (Jerusalem Sudbury).

We are preparing our next Free-learning Education Conference on 23rd-25th November 2018 in Prague with another foreign participants in topics like self-directed education (unschooling/life-learning and free-democratic schools), deschooling, children’s rights etc. We would be really happy to invite you and introduce some of your interesting topics in this area.