Dear EUDEC friends and members,

On 24th-27th May 2018 another conference of Polish democratic education community took place. About 250 hundred people joined the conference near Poznan to exchange experience, support each other, and charge their batteries. In the polish community, we came to a conclusion, that we want to have a crowdfunding to pay a regional coordinator, whose task would be to engage people in the projects of the community and keep up the work for in between conferences. There are already plans to do lobbying, organize a social campaign and courses for teachers.  The role of the coordinator was granted to Michał Sienicki, a former EUDEC council member.

If you would like to support the Polish community in its endeavor to further grow and organize a larger movement, you can join the crowdfunding by monthly donating any amount to Bullerbyn Foundation.

Bank data:

Fundacja Bullerbyn

05-506 Wilcza Góra, ul. Nieziemska 1. Poland


PL16 1140 2004 0000 3802 7769 5745

Title: Darowizna na rzecz [name and surname/organization]

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Best wishes from Poland!