Dear All,

3 September 2018 marked the first day of work for Nova Škola primary school, the first free-democratic school in Croatia. We are very happy and proud of finally making our dreams come true.

Our biggest obstacle was finding an adequate facility. We entered into negotiations with the City of Samobor representatives to be given a venue that was not in use for years and were prepared to renovate it and make it work for us, but have not been successful in this.

After two years we found a venue and started renting. The premises are located in a smaller settlement, close to nature but still not too far from the city centre. We are surrounded by beautiful fields, woods and serenity.

We furnished the premises to match the pupils’ interests. We used natural materials, made some ourselves, there are Montessori materials, there is a library, and there are IPads, laptops, smart TVs and more.  We also have a ceramics, art and handcraft room.

There is a kitchen that we use not only to prepare meals but also to learn about housekeeping and cooking.  We also have a small vegetable garden that our pupils will plant with herbs and vegetables.

We only have a small number of students in the first grade. However, we know that beginnings are difficult but nevertheless important part of our growth. We will work on promotion of our school and show the community who we are and what we stand for. We will showcase what kind of school we are and what kind of education takes place in our school.

We are truly happy and feel privileged that our dream has come true and we hope that parents and children will recognise our mission because we believe it to be very important for our students and all other student in our education system.

We are about to have our first meeting on Monday and set down rules and other things that matter. Pupils are free to pursue activities that interest them and to suggest activities to others. We will take it slowly and learn by doing.

We are happy to be the first school to join EUDEC from Croatia and would like to express our gratitude for your support and guidance in getting the school started.

Irijanda Birin

Nova škola, Samobor