Month: July 2019

Sudbury Schule Kassel Stellenausschreibung Lernbegleiter_in

Die Sudbury Schule Kassel plant ihre Eröffnung zum Schuljahr 2019/2020. Ein Großteil des Lernens wird in Alltagssituationen auf informelle Weise stattfinden, ohne jegliche Bewertung oder Druck von außen. Alle Schüler_innen entscheiden selbst, was, wann und wie sie lernen. Die Schule ist vollständig altersgemischt von der 1. bis 10. Klasse. Arbeitsgemeinschaften, Projekte und Unterrichtskurse werden von […]

Sudbury Ammersee Court Appeal

We’re excited to announce that the appeal for the trial that resulted in the closing of the school has been approved, so court-procedures will be re-opened! This is great news for Sudbury Ammersee, for Democratic Education in Bavaria, in Germany, in Europe and everywhere! You can find detailed news about it (in German) here. The […]

Narratives of Achievement in African and Afroeuropean Contexts – Conference Report

Lena Kraus- The beginning of these “news” dates back to November 2018, when I traveled to South Africa to speak at a conference. The conference, Narratives of Achievement in African and Afroeuropean Contexts took place at the Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Studies and the University of Cape Town and various scholars from all over the […]


Our Conference is fast approaching, and we’ve decided to collect some important info in one place. The conference website (incl. registration) can be found here. Scroll down for travel and visa info, booking recommendations and help with your travel! For the Kiev part of the conference, accommodation in host families is available free of charge. […]