Our Conference is fast approaching, and we’ve decided to collect some important info in one place. The conference website (incl. registration) can be found here. Scroll down for travel and visa info, booking recommendations and help with your travel! For the Kiev part of the conference, accommodation in host families is available free of charge. To book, fill in this form before July 15. The programme can be found here. The venue has changed to Liko-school, located in Kyiv, Konieva street, 7-B/Meitusa street, 5A (2 buildings). For the Vinnytsia part, comfort accommodation is sold out, but basic accommodation and camping is still available. It’ll be fun! The programme is here. The EUDEC AGM will take place during this part of the conference, August 5 and 6. The draft agenda is available in the EUDEC HQ on Basecamp. Join the facebook event here. If you’re going to the conference, you can add this frame to your profile pic on facebook : ) There is a crowd-funding campaign to assist people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come to the conference with their travel costs. Another Crowdfunding is specifically for bringing mainstream school teachers to the conference. Please consider donating to it if you can. The organisers are providing some amazing options for your after-conference programme beginning on August 10:

1) rafting along the South Bug river on inflatable catamaran sailboats (start at 9am, one overnight in tents, meals from fire)⛺ 2) 1-day trip to Kamyanets-Podilsky and Khotyn . You’ll visit two medieval castles, have lunch in an authentic restaurant with Ukrainian cuisine, observe the landscapes of natural rock canyon. ? 3) Journey to Uman – a city with a landscape park, an underground river, islands and rocks, built by Potocki for his beloved wife Sofia – and to the national archaeological park Legedzino. You’ll visit museum, see Tripoli dwelling, excavations, pottery and taste a famous Kozatskiy Kulish cooked in the cauldron on an open fire. ?

The price of each excursion is 50 euros per person (escort, transport, food are included).

If you are interested by some of these options beware to book your return tickets from Vinnitsa for late evening (after 8pm). You don’t have to worry about your luggage, it can be kept in AIST school, while you are away at the excursion. When you get back from excursion you can use a transfer from AIST school to the railway station around 8pm.

You will be able to book your option during the first two days in Vinnytsia. Please have a look at their FAQs before contacting the organisers : ) Looking forward to seeing you there!