Year: 2020

Summerhill festival of childhood: Early Bird Tickets are available

Great news, friends! Summerhill Festival of Childhood Early Bird Tickets Now Available! This has been a tough year for all of us so let’s put these dates in our diaries and give ourselves something to look forward to. The Summerhill Festival of Childhood is taking place from 6-11th August 2021. Festival information and Early Bird […]

Investigation: Meaning and Self-Efficacity among past-pupils

Have you: spent at least 3 year at a democratic school? completed compulsery schooling? completed 18 years of age? worked for at least 1 year? get 15 minutes to help us improve schooling for all? If you answered yes to all the questions, we request you to participate in this research project aimed at understanding […]

New book: Self Managed Learning and the New Educational Paradigm, by Ian Cunningham

Book Description Self Managed Learning and the New Educational Paradigm proposes revolutionary change to the educational system. The overwhelming research evidence is that the sum total of educational and training input accounts typically for only 10–20% of what makes a person an effective human being. Balancing theory, evidence and practice, this ground-breaking book demonstrates that current […]

EUDEC 2021 (6-11 August) : Summerhill festival of childhood

Summerhill Festival of Childhood

EUDEC 2021 will be a part of the Summerhill festival of childhood. Join us! 6-11 August, Leiston (UK) Website: Follow our official channels : Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Blog

EUDEC 2020 – Annual General Meeting (AGM): 18-19 December

The Annual General Meeting is the circle with the highest authority in EUDEC. Aside from being the place to change the Guidance Document, it is also a opportunity for the members to supervise the work that the council has done throughout the year. Elections will also take place… For any question or comment, please join […]

Web IDEC 2020 (23.10 – 08.11)

The International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) is organized every year by schools and organizations in different countries. A few hundred to a thousand people from different fields, including students, come together to discuss, learn and share their ideas and experiences about education. The diversity of the participants, coming from 30 to 40 countries, is one […]

Freedom to Learn Online Forum 2020, 14th – 23rd August

The Freedom to Learn Forum is a space for all those interested in human-centred and rights-respecting practice in education to share and learn from one another, and events can be held on any topic. Taking place over 10 days, the forum will be mostly online and entirely free. Events List  

Derry Hannam’s new book

Derry Hannam’s new book “Another Way is Possible – Becoming a Democratic Teacher in a State School” has just been published on Smashwords as an e-book. The full price is $4.95 but for the duration of the AERO conference this week and a bit beyond there is a half-price coupon – number QS28M. Any sales […]

Without David Gribble, EUDEC would not exist

David Gribble died in December 2019 at the age of 87. There are few people more committed to democratic schools than he. David Gribble worked his whole life to ensure that democratic education institutions were created and improved. EUDEC would probably not exist without him. I’ll come to that in a moment, but before I […]

Die Freie Schule Leipzig stellt zum 01. April 2020 ein: Verwaltungskraft für Schulbüro m/w/d

Die Freie Schule Leipzig ist eine freie demokratische Grund- und Oberschule mit Schüler*innen von Klasse 1-10. Wir setzen voraus: · Identifikation mit dem Konzept der Freien Schule Leipzig mit Begeisterung für demokratische Schulen und eine respektvolle Grundhaltung gegenüber Kindern und Jugendlichen · selbstständiges Arbeiten · Organisationstalent · hohe Lernbereitschaft und überdurchschnittliche Auffassungsgabe · ausgeprägte Teamfähigkeit […]