Hello there!

A group from the Freie Schule Leipzig made up of current and former students and teachers will host a student-focused* event from 16-19 February 2024.

Our idea is to simply have fun together and possibly connect students and graduates from different EUDEC schools!



Prices (all meals included):

  • Full weekend with accommodation in school or gym: €70
  • Full weekend without accommodation: €60
  • Price per day with accommodation: €25
  • Price per day without accommodation: €20
  • Special conditions (e.g. for participants from Leipzig):
    • Full weekend without food or accommodation: €15
    • Price per day without food or accommodation: €5

Planned activities (organised through an open schedule):

  • Games
  • Skate park fun
  • Theater workshops
  • Music/band
  • Art room
  • Disco
  • Talent show
  • Workshops – sharing ideas, making connections, presenting schools and so on.
  • your own ideas!

Location: Freie Schule Leipzig
Arrival: starting on the morning of 16th February
Departure: morning of 19th February
Registration deadline: 1st Januar 2024
Food: Included in the price are all meals from Friday evening to Monday morning (breakfast, lunch and dinner). All food will be vegan. There is a shopping centre very near the school for those who want to purchase additional food.
Accommodation: Those sleeping in the school or gymnasium will need to bring a camping mat and sleeping bag.
Payment: Payment information will be sent to you after we have received your registration.

*Underage participants must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Adults can only register if they are part of a student group or accompanying their own child(ren).

If you have any questions (or ideas to share), feel free to contact Paula: paula@eudec.org

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