We are very excited because our school-partnership project was approved by the Greek ministry of Education. This comes in a period where we are actually starting to raise awareness on the topic of democratic education and we enthusiastically realise that more and more people are interested to join.

In this promising “Sympraxis” democratic school partnership project, students and teachers from Greek state schools are going to be working together with democratic schools from Europe on subject areas such as:

  • Democratic Education: The Structure and Beyond
  • Democratic Education: EU Legislation and Human Rights
  • Race and Gender in Democratic Education
  • Democratic Educational Practices

These are some sample subject areas and there can be a lot of flexibility.

The goals of this project include:

  • raising awareness on the existence of democratic schools
  • promoting a healthy exchange of practices
  • creating a space for reflection on and assessment of the results of everyday practices
  • enhancing dialogue on more democracy in greek schools (and eventually in families)
  • giving greek students and teachers the chance to experience participatory processes (like assemblies) on the base of equality – for some, for the first time
  • raising awareness on minors’ rights
  • motivating students, teachers and parents to join us for educational change

The partnership will be built among the corresponding schools and will involve, exchange of ideas, projects and intercultural activities , based on the collaborative use of Wikis.

With hope and excitement,

the Greek team

from EUDEC Greece

For all communication please use this e-mail address : info@eudec.gr