Hello everyone, I’m Leyla from İstanbul and currently studying democratic schools in my master program in History education. By the end of May, I need to submit my thesis. There is a survey to fill in, in case you would like to support, the criteria is to be enrolled to a democratic school or once enrolled and/or to be alumni.

Here is the link to the survey questions: https://forms.gle/uqnZbRWnx24RSEQW9

For any questions, you can email to: esleyla@gmail.com

Survey in German: https://forms.gle/L8fbzH5zkaSiKEMGA
Survey in Spanish: https://forms.gle/Qewe1jeBYyCP5eWo8
Survey in French: https://forms.gle/9zXPeaH1qZTSmHou7
Survey in Finnish: https://forms.gle/qwouSKqqRQzUaEKLA
Survey in English: https://forms.gle/EwpK4XSMa8HxZVtRA