EUDEC organizes once a year an “EUDEC Conference“. In 2021, this event will be online, because of Corona (like 2020)… It will start on Friday 18 June afternoon, and end on Sunday 20 June evening.

There are 3 big parts in an “EUDEC Conference“:

  • A General Meeting (GM). It is the circle with the highest authority in EUDEC, where strategic decisions are taken.
  • Elections of Council, Auditors and Oversight Committee
  • Workshops and animation (to be defined later)

Election of Council is going to be a little bit different than the previous years, because we voted in GM in March 2021 the “New structure pilot” (we try it for one year). Here are the seats open for elections:

  • Council “Finance rapporteur”
  • Council “Community animation rapporteur”
  • Council “Governance rapporteur”
  • Council “Support to ground rapporteur”
  • Council “External communication and lobbying rapporteur”
  • Council “Research and theory generation rapporteur”
  • Council “EUDEC meetings rapporteur”
  • Auditor (2 seats)
  • I think Oversight Committee (3 seats) has been elected in December 2020 until 2022…

If you want to candidate, please send a message to council (at)