Our democratic school called “Slobodná škola” located at Ťahanovská 74, Košice, Slovakia, was main user of interior and community garden we established in 2017. As we are only 90km from Ukrainian borders and largest city around (250 000 inhabitants), since the war outbreak we have been offering support to refugees coming to Kosice. Our school building and community garden have been transformed into temporary shelters for approximately 25 people crossing our country, mostly spending a few nights and then travelling further. We can use some other place for our pupils, although they miss their garden, we are happy to share what we can. We already employed three people from UA to help us with all the needs connected with coordinating, translating, bureocracy, medical assistance etc.
Unfortunately, we do not have enough financial resources to cover the costs associated with this refugee wave and our government has not supported us in any way. We have also replaced the hot water tank, we are bearing the costs of wages and we are expecting large arrears for heating, water and other utilities in the bills for 2022. We therefore ask for support, otherwise we would have to significantly reduce our educational activities next year, eventually close the garden and/or our democratic school. We have published a public call on the Slovak donation portal, it is possible to contribute several types of payments. Thank you!
Direct link to details in English (with Slovak and German available):