Democratic school with a socio-ecological focus is looking for staff members.
We are looking for learning guides in the natural and social sciences as well as for foreign languages and sports (preferably with a teaching degree).
Also possible from August: one year of learning and working as a volunteer. Contact: Tel. +49 38374 75227

The independent Kleine Dorfschule Lassaner Winkel was founded in 2017 as a primary school with an orientation stage. In the school year 2021/22, it was expanded to include a secondary level. Core elements of the school are respect for the freedom of the individual, connectedness, democratic school organisation, self-directed learning processes, learning through play as well as free age mixing.

We want to work with people who
* Can design and hold processes and spaces,
* have experience in working with children in an equitable way
* are willing to look more deeply into the attitudes of democratic schools
and help to implement our school concept
* are able to respond empathetically and authentically to the needs of children
* have a high level of self-reflection and enjoy working as part of a team
* enthusiastically pursue their own interests and enjoy sharing them with others.
share them with others
* have a desire to play a significant role in shaping a place of learning, to face new challenges on a daily basis, and
challenges every day and to help develop the secondary school.

Here we already have:
* a school community that currently includes 34 students and their families, 7 staff members
and many other people connected to the school
* a team of staff members who are self-organised, attentive and who enjoy and
and with a lot of joy and commitment
* the Lassaner Winkel, which today is in the process of becoming a future workshop for a society fit for children.
for a society fit for grandchildren, in which neighbourhood networks,
new forms of education, living and working.

We look forward to talking with you!

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